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Mobile Self Storage Е14

limehouse site storage e14Limehouse mobile self storage is a new way for you to store your goods. Rather than travelling back and forth to collect and deposit items at a storage facility, we will instead bring your E14 mobile storage unit directly to you. Our storage services make it simpler for you to collect and store goods, as well as save you money on transport costs. Your unit will be kept at our secure depot when not in use and returned to your swiftly whenever you need it. Our storage options can’t be beat, and neither can our prices, so call up today to hear more and to request a free, no obligation necessary quote.

Self Storage Е14

e14 storage service limehouseIf you are looking to creates room in your home or office, then contact our Limehouse self storage team today. We can provide a secure self storage unit that you can place any items inside. Our E14 storage options allow you to book a unit that matches all of your speciation and use it as you see fit. Our storage services are flexible so you can always access your container to collect or drop off items. Our self storage prices are affordable and accommodating, because of the free quotes we offer, so call today to request an assessment.

Home Storage Е14

e14 house storage boxes limehouseIf you want to make more space in your house, get things out of the way, protect goods or make a move simpler, then Limehouse home storage is what you need. Our storage solutions allow you to access a self storage unit that you can visit and use as you like. This means you can access it at any time place goods inside or collect things. Our Storage depot contains many different units and will keep your things safe. Our E14 domestic storage services are flexible and accommodating, and with our free quotes you will get an excellent deal, so ring us up today.

Business Storage Е14

limehouse storage pod e14Limehouse business storage can help you firm with many different things. We can provide a self storage unit to you that you can utilise to get items out of the way, create more space, clean up, keep objects safe, help with a move and more. Our storage solutions involve you booking a unit from us and you will be able to visit it whenever you like. These means you will never be without your goods and can always deposit more. Our E14 office storage services are flexible and accommodating so you can get the deal and unit right for you and thanks to our free quotes, you are assured of a fantastic price.

Student Storage Е14

e14 temporary storage solution limehouseLimehouse student storage can give you all the space you need in your university accommodation. A student flat can get cramped so with our storage units you will have a space to put things and create more space. Our storage facility is home to many types of units and we have many measures in place to ensure that your goods will be safe. Our E14 storage services allow you to book the type of unit you need for as long as necessary, with the ability to always access your unit. Our self storage prices are affordable because of the fee quotes we offer, so call today and obtain a gratis assessment.

Secure Storage Е14

e14 storage removals limehouseLimehouse secure storage will ensure that your goods are always safe. Leaving your belongings somewhere out of your sight can be worrying but we take all measures to ensure nothing happens to them. Our storage units are built to withstand leaks, rain, snow, ice, harsh temperatures and more, so your things won’t get wet, dirtied or ruined. Only you will have the key to your storage room so only you can access it and its contents. Our E14 storage facility has cameras, alarms and high walls in a place, with professional security guards at all postal and patrolling the area. To hear more about the safe storage we offer, call us today.

Self Storage Units Е14

e14 storage companies limehouseLimehouse self storage units are great way to create space in your home or office, to get rid of junk, to keep objects safe, to help with a move and much more. Our E14 storage units come in many sizes and have many options available to them. You can get a storage room with electricity, heating, cooling, windows, access ramps, shelving and much more. Our storage services are accommodating, so you will be able to visit your unit whenever you like, hire it for as long as you require and store whatever inside. Our self storage prices ensure a great deal and flexile service, so call today for top storage containers.

Self Storage Rooms Е14

limehouse storage rental e14Limehouse self storage rooms are a great way to improve your home or business. If you find that you don’t have much space, unneeded items are everywhere, you want to make an upcoming removal simpler and more, then we can help. We offer a wide range of self storage units that you can use as you see fit, meaning you can visit at any time to store new items or retrieve any contents. Our E14 storage service aims to give you exactly what you need from the right unit, the necessary extras and an indefinite hiring period. Our storage options are flexible and affordable, as our free quotes will show, so call us today for a complimentary assessment.

Self Storage Prices Е14

e14 storage depot limehouseIf you are thinking of hiring an E14 self storage unit, then you may be concerned about the cost. You may be worried that a secure and spacious unit that you can access at anytime, that can be booked differently and can come with various extras will be expensive but we can assure you of terrific Limehouse self storage prices. Our storage services are all booked with a free quote, so you can see if what you need comes at a fair price. Our assessments need no commitment, so you can go through several if you need to and assure the right deal. To hear more about what we offer and to receive your gratis quote, call us today.

Сlients Say



I rent my storage facility from Limehouse Storage and it's really made a difference to my office. I keep my old files and extra furniture in my unit and it's good to know I can just hop in the car and visit when I need to collect or drop something off. It's much cheaper than renting a bigger office and I still have all the space I need!

Matthew D.


Storage Unit Limehouse and their storage space rental is a must-try if you want more space. I hired them because of their excellent online reviews, but I didn't imagine I'd be impressed enough to be writing one myself! This company is perfect - their staff are knowledgeable, the prices are affordable and the unit is very safe and well-guarded. Great value for money - would recommend!

Sarah Taylor


After having spent some time using Safe Storage Limehouse and the self storage services they provide, I had to write a bit of a review and let others know what they could expect from the entire endeavour. For a start, I was impressed with the customer service, which was of a consistently high standard. The facilities themselves were just what I was looking for and the price was also very, very good. All in all, I would say that it's probably the best service of its type I've used in a long time.

Martin Duff


I'd passed the storage facility they have many times on my way to work and was always impressed by how good it looked. When I needed storage myself these guys were the first choice. Loved the fact that their prices were so low and then they were so friendly to deal with. In fact, I can honestly say it's been a pleasure dealing with StorageLimehouse from the start. Highly recommended.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage Limehouse Ltd.
Telephone: 020 3744 1249
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 25 Canada Square, Docklands
Postal code: E14 5LQ
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.5041430 Longitude: -0.0182610
E-mail: office@storagelimehouse.co.uk
Description: Receive a unique approach for storing your items E14 in a mobile self storage or in a storage warehouse by calling our storage firm in Limehouse, Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Canning Town, Blackwall, Millwall, Silvertown, Canary Wharf, Cubitt Town, etc.
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